General Information



ACB Playschool's Almanac


The Almanac a complete guide for school practices and regulations, having details regarding school fee, annual calendar, etc. is given to each student. Parents are advised to see the almanac on regular basis as it may work as the effective mode of communication between the parents and the school.




In order to create the sense of equality and discipline amongst children ACB Playschool students comes in specially designed colorful uniform. It also gives them unique identification. School uniform is available in the school.


School Transport


The school provides transport facility to children. Though adequate measures are taken to ensure safety of the children. The school is not responsible for any mishap or injury which may occur in and around the school or in the transport.


Inter-franchisee Transfer


At ACB Playschool transfer of students from one franchisee to another franchisee anywhere in the country can be availed without any additional charges.


Change of Address


In case of any change in residential address or contact number(s) parents needs to inform the same in writing to school authorities immediately.




One month written notice is required to withdraw the child from the school and on withdrawal no amount would be refunded in any case.




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